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You ate your WHAT?!

Some people may be a bit off put by the idea of consuming a placenta but I'd like to share some of the benefits, a few interesting tidbits, and hopefully change your mind. 😉

The placenta is a companion for the baby throughout pregnancy, permitting the passage of nutrients, metabolites, metabolic gasses, and provides physical and immunological protection. It is not a waste organ, but a facilitator organ between mother and child.

It has been suggested that raw placental consumption just after delivery can suppress immunological response of creating antibodies should mom's and babies blood intermingle. This is particularly important if Mom is Rh negative and baby is Rh positive.

The full term placenta is full of oxytocin; also known as the love hormone. Oxytocin stimulates uterine contractions, making labor more productive as well as helping reduce the size of the uterus after birth back to its original pre pregnancy state which also decreases hemorrhage after birth. I have even heard of some midwives having the mother suck on the cord to help expel the placenta from the womb after the baby and decrease bleeding. Oxytocin promotes bonding, aids and in lactation, and reduces anxiety. This would be why a mother would wish to consume her placenta as quickly after birth as possible, sometimes in a smoothie to make it more palatable.

Other hormones contained in the placenta are estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, human placental lactogen, prostaglandin, tryptophan, corticotropin releasing hormone, thyronine, and serotonin. I will refrain from going into all the many benefits of these hormones but I will say they are extremely beneficial to support the body, support hormone balance, minimize pain and inflammation, and promote healing.

To keep this blog from being too long I will simply say there are also vitamins, minerals, stem cells, fatty acids, amino acids, iron and other nutrients.

To benefit from all this goodness in a convenient and easy but more enjoyable way than cubed up into smoothies, I would be happy to process it for you. After examination, I wash off the extra blood, steam it if you wish (benefits of raw vs traditional Chinese inspired method in another blog), sliced thin, dehydrated, ground into power, then put into capsules.

Are you convinced that this isn't weird? 😁 I'm happy to answer any questions about the benefits or about the process.

To book go to the booking page here.

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