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Flower Essences

I am loving the essences! I would compare it to how I feel after doing some grounding and meditation outside.

Breastfeeding Support

Stacy was so helpful with nursing my third baby. She was comfortable to be around, was helpful with my nutrition, checked on me frequently but was never a bother, and I was able thrilled to be able to breastfeed him longer than my older two babies.

Placenta Encapsulation

Stacy's professional guidance and support before and after the birth was wonderful! She was very thorough with her answers when I had them in regards to placental encapsulation and the various options that might work best for me. I felt a mixture of alleviation, confidence, and excitement to have her take care of the process, her attention to detail and reliable communication was spot on - I couldn't endorse her work enough! If there should come another baby in the future, I will doubtlessly hire her services again!

Birth Keeper and Sibling Doula

Stacy was my birthkeeper for my second pregnancy and homebirth. Her presence was such a blessing to us. Without having to ask her she instinctively took care of my son 3 years old son. Helping and guiding him with a gentle, understanding touch as baby and I labored. I was freed to focus on baby girl and I, and our journey bringing her into the world outside her little safehouse in my womb. Little man was involved but never a concern for me. Stacy was on it! She made sure when time came to start delivering my little girl that my 3 year old son was safe and watching something appropriate and then made sure my mother (whom I desperately wanted and had planned on being at little girl's birth, but was prevented due to covid) was on screen via video chat to see the birth of her second grandchild. During pregnancy and postpartum she was more than willing to share her experiences and expertise with her births and what she had learned, her knowledge of herbs and nutrition. Anything she was unsure of or didn't know she thoroughly researched and had answers ready for either our next appointment or would message me as soon as she had an answer whichever was appropriate. All around she offered everything we needed for Daddy, Mama, brother, baby and even the dog to have an amazing birth. Without her there it would not have been the peaceful, purposeful, confident, and empowered experience that birth can and should be.

Bach Flower Emotional Remedy Review

I've been taking my remedy for about two weeks now. The first week as recommended, the second week we were camping and I only took one dose in the morning. It’s amazing how quickly the bach flowers made a difference. They first week I had an abundance of energy. I was so much more positive and able to regulate my thoughts and feelings. The second week I still noticed a difference. Being able to handle situations better, but not taking as recommended definitely is not worth it. I forgot to take it yesterday and yesterday was hard. I forgot to take it this morning and had to walk away and cry about a simple disagreement with my husband. Took the remedy twice after that and already able to see the situation more clearly, with more hope and a fairer assessment of what really made me feel like I did. The remedy Stacy gave me from our first assessment has been the fastest acting, most helpful, immediate support my body and mind didn't know they needed. It makes a huge difference in being able to handle daily life with two youngsters and a husband healing from a major surgery. Being able to handle situations and emotions with clarity and hope makes a world of difference. The extra energy is incredible. Thank you, Stacy, for introducing me to the Bach flowers for emotional healing and support.

Massage Therapy

I have been coming to Stacy for a couple of years now. I was searching for a traveling masseuse and I was shared her info on Facebook. Stacy is the real deal!! I have several spinal injuries and sciatica pain along with carpal tunnel and migraines from bilateral occipital neuralgia and deviated septum and allergies. I personally love the personalized massages I get every time depending on where I am hurting…and nothing keeps my migraines and pain away like a massage from Stacy!!!

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